6817752736_9b0c1ae78c_o ‘Muse’ after Matisse, painting workshop at Rijksmuseum Twenthe

For Valentines day, I showed some very romantic paintings, and gave a painting workshop I called Muse. We had a wonderful model, posing in a Henri Matisse inspired setting. See photos of ‘Muse’ at Rijksmuseum Twenthe.


6916397761_f95445bd8d_o‘Muse’ at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, the Nederlands

 Teaching art

Besides creating and exhibiting my art, I’ve always enjoyed teaching very much. It’s a way to share the joy of the art making process: to be a witness of the creative process and offer guidance to people and simplify things, offer short cuts out support them in gaining the necessary experience they need to achieve what they envision. It’s a way for me to free my art process, and share my insights with others.

Live figure drawing classes

My first teaching experience was in 2009 at the Aki, academy of fine arts, in Holland. There, I would teach how to create volume, mass, to look for the proportions. And very importantly, to look longer at and better at what you see before you than the schedule that you have in your mind, which gets in the way. I had models pose who were experienced and would often have them posed in slightly twisted positions. Students brought their own materials and were encouraged to try mediums that suited them better, and to experiment. The emphasis was on practice and progress.


Workshops and starter’s classes

I enjoy it when I can simplify the process of painting and teach children or adults, for example to have them create a painting in two hours. With the right set up, there is the possibility to enter the class with no experience and leave the class with a painting worth framing and hanging in your home.

Painting and drawing master classes

For more advanced classes, we go into the details of how to improve your work, considering the specific issues your way of working brings along and what drives you, inspires your work and what makes it ‘you’. Also, there is room to experiment, in order to free the work from the former ‘you’, an identification with a style or a theme when you feel that it stands in the way of your development.

For information about my classes, send me an email and I will get back to you.

 My experiences as an art teacher
I was a life drawing teacher at the Academy where I studied conceptual art and then painting and drawing: Aki ArtEZ in Enschede, in the Netherlands. After graduation, I worked at Rijksmuseum Twenthe as a multilingual Museum guide and teacher for two years, teaching all age groups and giving tours through a great variety of exhibitions. The Middle Ages, impressionism, portraits by Gainsborough, Dutch landscapes, abstract American painting, contemporary art; you name it! I also designed combinations of a tour and a class, so we could look at paintings, learn from them, and then start painting in the studio in the museum.

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Guided tour, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, the Nederlands

Workshop still life painting

Workshop still life painting

Workshop still life painting

Impressions of the workshop! Munich Artists’ Emmy Ann Horstkamp who had invited me to teach this workshop, wrote: “Congrats to Suzanna Treumann on a successful workshop. We ran out of chairs and everyone left with a big smile.”
Some had painted before, for some it was the first time painting with acrylics. Just in two hours they arranged, sketched and painted their still life!
See the video that was made during the workshop here: https://www.youtube.com/user/paintsz

Painting a still life, invitation and description

Still life

Feel free to bring an object to the workshop

Painting workshop: still life, 16th of June, 5 to 7 pm

We will look at reproductions of still lives as a source of inspiration. Participants are then invited to each select an object and place it on the table until we have created a enticing still life. We then look at it from different angles, and everybody picks a seat from which they can see the object(s) they want to depict. We then try out different sketching and painting techniques to create a unique work of art.

Location near bus stop Neuhofen: http://goo.gl/maps/KtLxp


Mal-Workshop: Stilleben Von der Künstlerin werden verschiedene Objekte für ein Stilleben mitgebracht. Inspiriert von Kunstpostkarten mit gemalten Stilleben, wählt jeder Teilnehmer einen Gegenstand aus und platziert diesen so auf einem Tisch, dass ein verführerisches Arrangement entsteht. Anschließend betrachten wir den Aufbau aus verschiedenen Positionen. So findet bestimmt jeder Workshop-Gast seine persönliche Lieblingsperspektive, aus der er sein eigenes Stilleben in diversen graphischen und malerischen Techniken gestalten kann. 

10th of June: Talk at MIWC

On the 10th of June I will talk about my art as one of three speakers with different subjects during the monthly meeting of Munich International Women’s Club at Peace Church Here is the roster of speakers for this showcase:

  • Suzanna Treumann is an expressionist painter from the Netherlands. In her paintings and drawings, she walks a tightrope between abstraction and figuration, displaying a broad range of sentiments.
  • Karen Frankenstein-Lohman: Professional work as an opera singer.
  • Becky Huening: Experiences working with a residential treatment center for women/teen girls with eating disorders.

Wednesday, the 10th of June, 10 am Peace Church, Frauenlobstr. 5, 80337 Munich